Thursday, February 16, 2012

Overly Ambitious

This week has shot by in a Manhattan Minute! If you follow me on Twitter you saw that I got overly ambitious during the Grammy's Sunday evening and started redecorating my house. By redecorating I mean moving large scale pieces of furniture from one side of the house to the other, taking this from here and moving it there, taking that from there and moving it here. It was like how my husband tagged along behind me as I pondered moving artwork except he refused to take any part in my shenanigans Sunday night and basically informed me I was nuts. I believe he said, "No one starts projects like this at 7:30 on a Sunday night!" Oh, but Sweetie...we've been married for almost 11 years now! You should know that when the mood strikes, I take on all sorts of ambitious projects!
Of course, when he caught me dragging full size wooden bookcases through the house on old sheets (so they wouldn't scratch my wood floors!) he was left little option but to offer help as I assume he was terrified I was going to destroy something. See, I always get my way in the end...
Unfortunately, my grand master plan hit a big snafu when my tufted leather ottoman was about 2" too wide to fit between my pair of full size wooden bookcase where I had newly placed them! Agggghhhh! I had measured and knew it would be a tight squeeze, but was hoping for the best. Not to be. Now I had our home office ripped apart and our formal living room ripped apart with no clue as to how to place the furniture. So I did what all clever women do in time of crisis and slept on it.
I spent the entire day Monday re working the office. I was able to figure out a solution to the furniture placement and gave the office a much needed face lift. The big wooden bookcases ate up too much space in a small room and by swapping them with two smaller bookcases I had in the formal living room the room feels so much better. Have a peek:

This whole corner was taken up by my other bookcases! I was afraid I wouldn't fit all of my husband's collections in these smaller ones, but I managed to make it all work! The leather ottoman is a large, bench style piece I splurged on six years ago from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. It fits beautifully under the window on that wall. These two bookcases were a yard sale find over a decade ago for $20.

When we are in our favorite state (I bet you couldn't guess which one it is....)and visiting Portland, we always make a stop at Shipyard Brewing Company. It's like a family tradition. The sign was purchased at the Shipyard shop there in Portland and I found the license plate at an antiques store in southern NJ.

The desk is so large and cumbersome and it used to face out the window to the left but always felt a bit awkward. I love it turned to the wall and it works perfectly under the shelves.

I even took the time to reorganize all of our desk accessories in this great wooden carrier I bought at Pottery Barn years and years ago.

I was able to fit the printer on the desk and moved the matching printer stand to a previously cluttered corner.
It stores papers and my husband graphic design and computer books. 

I love this thrifted globe I found recently for $5 and I was even able to display the "treasure chest" my grandfather made as a boy in 1924. A very special heirloom.

I couldn't believe the shelves held all of his stuff! And yes, it is a pain to dust! As you can see my husband is a beer drinking, sports loving fisherman.

As the day wound down, I ran out to Target and purchased these frames to properly display all of his Giants Superbowl memorabilia. I even picked up two new magazines from the recent Superbowl and framed them too. I had it all framed and hung before he arrived home from work to surprise him. Instead of falling all over my incredible framing and collage making skills and the fact that I am basically a female version of Bob Vila, he said, "Thanks, but why is there a vintage tennis racket hung on a wall dedicated to football?"
I can't win. So I sighed and replied, "Because it's not a football's a sports wall."
Wait until I go back to one of the local thrift stores where I saw a pair of vintage skis for $5 and I place them in that wall my arse....they better still be there...
It was a crazy week to take on these projects because Tuesday I spent the day at the salon/spa, Wednesday I lunched and shopped with the fabulous Carly, today had to grocery shop and run some odd errands and tomorrow we will be in NYC all day.
And my living room currently looks like this:

poor homeless stone carving...

I have purchased the paint and I spackled the walls this morning, but instead of caulking crown molding like I should be, I decided to show you all my mess instead. I should really get caulking. 


  1. Please come over and decorate my house - my decorating skills can only be described as "minimalist." ;o)

    You are ambitious, girl!

    1. Ambitious or crazy? Because it's now Saturday morning and the living room is still in a state of chaos!:)

  2. Oh my goodness, I do that kind of stuff all the time. Why not start hanging pictures at 11pm?!?!? The study looks great and I love the sports wall. No need to make it all football. You Maine images have me longing for Summer. We HAVE to coincide Maine trips if we can. XOXO


    1. Thanks! While I would have loved to use this room as a dressing room/massive closet for myself, he has way too much stuff to not have let it be his. So I guess I'm waiting for the kids to start moving out now for my special room....
      We will hopefully have at least a long weekend there this summer.We already have 2 proper vacations planned, but Maine can always be a quick getaway!
      Brimfield is a definite as long as it's not Mother's Day weekend...if it is, I may have to pop into my stores that Saturday! I will let you know!

  3. LOVE what you did to the office!!!! I really need you to make sense of my stuff. My husband's home office looks like a storage locker...

    1. Thank you! As I mentioned in Sarah's comments, he has way too much stuff to not have designed the room this way. Ironically, he sets up his work laptop on the dining room table if he needs to do something, because with 2 family computers on the desk, there is not much room left for it!

  4. Lady, I need some home time because my house is a disaster right now. Heck, I haven't invited anyone over in a while because I've been a lazy A** but I'll need to since I have a friend coming over on Friday.

    1. Lol...I'm on the final stretch now before going back to work and need to get my A** in gear and get this house put back together! Too much playtime and not enough work time this past week!


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