Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For Good Measure

I've been boasting about my deep closet dives and I thought it was time to come through and show you all what exactly I am talking about ~ even though I am a little wrinkled and disheveled after working all day.
I guess you can say I'm just keeping it real.
I spent Sunday packing away the heaviest woolens and started transitioning our closets for spring. We are supposed to have temperatures in the 70's all week so I figured why not? And I will accept full responsibility if a fluke snow storm occurs! Of course there are things that need to remain packed away until summer regardless of my high hopes, and there are certainly things that need to be put away once the mercury rises on a more permanent basis, but the bulk of the work is done.
This JCrew tunic, circa 2009 or such, is one of those items I pack away during the colder months. Considering I need all the options I can have for work wear, out it came. These pants are an even deeper closet dive. They are made of a very thick knit and fit like a pant but they feel like a legging! I liken it to wearing pajama jeans...just nicer! And ~ as if wearing pants that feel like pj's wasn't good enough, they have the cutest little zippers on the back of the ankles! I can't even remember how long I have had these pants for...but I'm sure they are well on their way to being classified as "vintage" sooner rather than later! And the belt? It could be the grandmother of the pants, that is for sure! Then, just to keep all of you on your toes, I threw in some neutrals for good measure. You're welcome.
On a more serious note, I have read a couple of interesting articles lately regarding a current "trend" of people, who, much like I did, are pink slipping their employers and walking away from their jobs/careers. The articles I read boasted how this is a sign of a strengthening economy. Americans are feeling much more confident that another job awaits them, so why put up with nonsense?
While that may all be true, I feel a big reason people are walking away from jobs that are too demanding and too stressful is because there is a shift in mentality happening out there. People have realized that they can live a full, happy life on so much less. Frugality is quite the buzz word lately and I find myself drawn to others who share this same mindset. Less is more.
I have also been reading articles on how malls across this nation are dying slow and painful deaths as traffic is way down and retailers are pulling out left and right due to their own store closures or for the fear of getting trapped in a lease and going down with the ship. I believe a large majority of people have realized that instead of owning 10 cheap t-shirts, they are better off saving up and buying 2 higher end ones that they really want. People aren't going to malls like they used to because people just aren't shopping like they used to.
For well over a year I have been saying to anyone who will listen to me that shopping habits have changed. Remember when your mom used to take you clothing shopping twice a year? Once for your summer clothes and once for your fall clothes? And the only time you went to the mall in between was if you needed an outfit for a special occasion? Remember how your parents probably used layaway to buy your Christmas presents? I do. And just look at how many retailers reinstated their layaway policies just this past holiday season.
I am certainly no saint when it comes to money and budgeting. My heart begins to race and I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach every time there is a new JCrew catalog in the mailbox. I can spend hours trolling ebay and thrift stores searching for that elusive, perfect treasure. 
But in my lucid moments away from the coveting craze that occasionally overcomes me, I can honestly say that she who dies with the most clothes is not necessarily the happiest. But she who dies wearing the hell out of a pair of pajama style work pants? Now that's a whole other story indeed....

tunic & heels: jcrew
scarf: express
pants & belt: ny&co
sunglasses: banana republic
bracelet & ring: tiffany's
watch: citizen


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  2. Great post Eleanor! There is definitely a big change in the way people are shopping over here too! Quality over quantity is ruling the day I think!! Hope you have a good week:)

  3. Love this post, Eleanor! I love closet diving and finding new ways to wear old outfits. Now that florals are 'trendy' again, I pulled out an old floral blouse and paired it with an old black & white printed skirt. There's something super satisfying about reusing what you already have in a new way!

    Those pants sound amazing. NY&Co. is always such a hit / miss for me. My favorite black skirt is from NY&Co. over 5 years ago and I still wear the heck out of it.

  4. ha! i totally remember layaway. i would go "shopping" with a girlfriend, put a shit ton of items on layaway and then run home to my mom, expecting her go back and get $200 worth of clothing. hilarious.

  5. I totally agree about shifts in shopping. It's good in one sense but sad in another. I hate to see anyone lose their job because a store closes. While I certainly haven't stopped shopping, I've noticed over the past year, I've really taken more considering in WHAT I'm buying and not buying to buy.

  6. Raising my hand!! I pinkslipped my employer for exactly the reason you mentioned. Working nearly 80 hours a week (and not just during Black Friday week) and several 24 hr shifts without recognition from the company that this was clearly above and beyond - it had become the corporate culture. I worked for a retailer that is very reactive. The consumer might not see that but we would get several urgent priority changes each DAY and no labor hours for them. I am getting stressed just thinking about it.
    Whew. You nailed it!
    I do agree with consumer habits changing but think it will be an ever so slight shift over the long run. In my region, most of the real estate vacancies are due to major company financial crisis compounded by the US crash.
    Anyway, glad to see you are adjusting to the new career move and continue to wish you well. I have an interview with my dream company (at least I think/hope/pray they are) next week and am trying not to want it too much just in case :) . Chris


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