Thursday, March 22, 2012

Got Your Back

What a week this has been and it's not even over yet!
I knew I was in for a wild ride at work this week, so I stayed in New York at my brother and future sister in law's house Monday and Tuesday night. This way my commute would be 40 minutes each way rather than 2 hours. Wednesday was an early morning into work accompanied by an executive extravaganza. I basically collapsed when I got home last night after 3 days of non stop go, go, go!
This morning I hopped back in the car bright and early and headed all the way back so I could take notes and photographs of all the merchandise placements. Without going into too much detail, part of my job is to observe, take notes and photos and email them to upper management so they have an idea of upcoming merchandise and how the stores will look. This is only a small piece of what I do, but when you are sending emails to important people with all of your peers on copy, you've got to nail it.
After my pics were done and I jotted as much as I could down, I was back in my car and off to another one of my stores. I carefully typed my notes. Uploaded, named and rotated every picture. Attached the pictures in  a perfect sequence and emailed it all to my boss to give it a quick once over. She gave it a thumbs up and I was thrilled since it was my first time doing it on my own. I carefully sent it all out.
Within the hour she called me. "You're never going to believe this..." was the opening line and my heart sunk. Every picture I had so carefully edited, rotated and saved one by one was upside down in the email! She couldn't understand because when I sent it to her they were perfect. I have no clue what happened. I felt my face flush and heart sink. This email went to people who don't know me from Adam....I can't believe this happened.
She told me that she was called by one of the exec's who is actually the person that hired me many moons ago on my first go round with the company. She was upset for me that it had happened (especially on my first one!) and had her secretary turn it into a power point. They emailed it back to me so I could resend it out myself with a disclaimer about the prior error. Talk about saving the day!
Her generous act meant a ton to me as I am sure there was at least one caddy person out there thinking "Rookie". In a day and age where so many people are clamoring to try and get to the top with no regard for who they trample on the way, it was refreshing and heartwarming to know that there are some people out there confident enough in themselves that they can boost and bolster others. She emailed me later to tell me I did a great job and I responded by thanking her for having my back. 
Of course the powerpoint looked pretty impressive and I received a bunch of emails giving me accolades. Normally I would give credit where credit is due, but I think she is just fine with me keeping this one between us.

P.S. When I saw this peplum top and color blocked skirt on the 50% off rack at New York & Company a few weeks back, I couldn't resist. 

P.P.S. As I type this, my sister in law is in the hospital getting ready to give birth to a new little niece. I'm going to be an auntie again tonight!!!

peplum & skirt: ny&co
earrings: express
sunglasses: adrienne vittadini
heels: bandolino
watch: citizen
bracelet & ring: tiffany's


  1. it's true then. kindness never goes out of style.

    btw, you look fabo!

  2. I love that peplum top. Looks great on you. It's nice to know that there are some kind people out there in this mean old world. Oh and congrats on being an aunt again. I'm still waiting to be an aunt.

  3. Congrats on being an auntie - and fantastic sleek look you've got going today!
    And 2hr commutes, holy cow!

  4. baby! congrats! loving the peplum on you...stunning!

  5. WOW!!!! You look stunning. So feminine, sexy, sophisticated... I love this look on you.
    I say everyday wear :-) Bisou Anna

  6. Really love your skirt...I have a simlar one that I love from Ann Taylor!
    Mix and Match Fashion

    1. sorry to tag on..but AGAIN no comment box popped up..I swear this happens to me more often than not.
      First CONGRATS on being an Auntie again...glad to hear things are chaotic but GOOD at work:) Lots to share over here...found out we are having another BOY and we are super excited...but I BROKE MY FOOT last week...omg..can you believe it? 5 mo preggo w broken foot! lol. Only me...positive is I have a walking boot instead of cast so I can drive and hobble around, lol. I would say lets get together but you are obviously insane with work...maybe a thrifting Saturday one day soon? LMK C

  7. Your hair looks amazing and I love that peplum top!

  8. Love love love the Peplum top! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend after your crazy week. I remember those - they make the weekend that much sweeter!!

  9. Loved your skirt and style! You look stunning.


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