Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Fever

I love adding elements of the current season to my home, and while it might seem overzealous to be decorating for Easter in early March, the thermometer has totally said it's acceptable. With temperatures consistently hovering above normal for this time of year, the thought that spring is finally here has filled me with so much energy and creativity just dying to be unleashed.

In my new found attempts at thriftiness, I dismantled a wreath that I haven't used in a while to function as floral "picks" in this wooden trough that doubles as a wine/beer cooler when we entertain. A few inexpensive grass mats from Michael's (at 40% off!) and some adorable fuzzy chicks give our foyer a true spring feel.

Some beautiful blossoms on my dining room buffet provides a fresh sense of rebirth. Aren't the first blooms of spring always so refreshing?
For my dining room table I did another thrifty DIY project.
I purchased 2 moss rolls at Michael's (when they were 40% off).

I rolled them out in a large wooden tray I have had for years.
I bet you can guess what I used in that tray...

Of course! The glass cloches that I use constantly in seasonal decor!
For Easter they are filled with little wooden and porcelain eggs and a little patch of leftover moss. Extra fuzzy chicks and some scattered mini eggs fill the bottom.

The eggs were purchased at a craft fair many, many years ago. I don't always use them from year to year. But as I have said before, if you collect what you love and invest in some decorating pieces that can be multi functional reinvention can be limitless.

How do you decorate for Spring?


  1. Gorgeous photos Eleanor! I must get a move on and start decorating! Think I need to do a major clear out first:)

  2. This is the first year I get to really decorate. Our townhouse was so tiny that I barely had room to decorate- it always made it feel cluttered and even smaller. Now that we have a real house- I have been enjoying each season more and more.

    I don't have any spring or Easter decor yet- but I have to be really thrifty and get going!!

    I love your little chicks. So cute.

  3. Eleanor!!! You induce decor-envy like no other!! haha!! If I ever get around to putting the folded laundry that takes up every inch of flat surface in my kitchen I am totally stealing your decorating ideas ;)


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