Monday, March 19, 2012


Years ago I took the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 quiz at work. All the leaders in the company took this to help us all leverage our strengths to maximize our leadership potential. 
I totally get off on things like this.
Last time I took it, my strengths were:

I got a good chuckle over Command because that is the one that means you are bossy. My strengths were dead on to my personality. I can be pretty bossy and struggle keeping the "it's my way or the highway" thing under control from time to time.
On my first day of work, my new/old boss handed me another copy of StrengthsFinders and I told her how I took it years ago with all of them when the company rolled it out as a learning tool. I almost declined it, but in an instant realized that maybe I should take it again. I have changed so much, especially in the last 6 months...maybe some of my strengths have changed too?

Tonight I finally got the chance to sit down and take the quiz. And guess what? My top 5 strengths HAVE changed! I had a funny feeling they had! My new strengths are:


I was disappointed at first. I was proud of Responsibility because I take complete ownership of everything I am involved with and see it through. Even Command didn't seem so bad when you read into the description because it really meant that you aren't afraid to take control and be a leader. It seemed I had lost two of my strengths I had been pretty proud of.

As I read into each description in depth, my disappointment faded and I realized that these 5 strengths really do define who I am now. Upon first glance I thought competition was the need to win (which I never mind doing) but it really means that you have the most clarity and focus when working under a deadline. And boy, oh boy, isn't that the truth! I didn't know what to do with myself at home half of the time with no schedule or regimen! Being back to work and juggling my life at 90 miles an hour feels right to me. It feels good. Because when I juggle it all at once is when I make things happen and am at my most creative.

Unfortunately, I don't always focus on my strengths to get through a situation. Sometimes I get caught up on my weaknesses as many of us do. I need to stop myself more often and remember these things I am good at, then leverage them to guide me through more than just work situations.

 I am thinking about getting it for my son and my husband to take too. I think it will give us all a better idea of how to motivate and support each other as husband deals with an exhaustingly stressful job and Mr. Teenager is looking for his first job and goes to college in just over a year.

Have you ever taken StrengthsFinders? 
You can find it at places like Barnes and Noble ~ no matter what your career, it is always good to recognize our strengths and use them to our advantage.
Like my new found strength of remixing black and white into something fresh and new each day! 

*in the 3rd picture see the extra fabric in the pant leg? Those were ordered for work in a size up which fit me perfectly when they arrived (sadly). After one week of my diet and running they are way too big! Woot! Woot!

vest: thrifted jean jacket that i diy'ed
sweater, shirt, pants: jcrew
shoes: enzo angiolini
sunglasses: express
bracelets: jcrew & express
watch: citizen


  1. I'm not sure what my strengths are anymore so might be somethingI should check out I'm definitely not the same person I was 10-15 years ago but I still don't think I've changed that much.

  2. no, i've never taken a test such as this. it would be interesting though. i'm the exact opposite of you re 90 miles/hr and feeling good. i'm a wreck when i'm rushed.

    yay on the pant size, it is so amazing that change is so quick!

  3. fascinating...I'd never heard of it!!

  4. OMG...what if you HAVE no strengths!!??? haha...seriously crossed my mind! Looking great, lil lady ;)

  5. You look fabulous. Loved your style and outfit!


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