Friday, April 13, 2012

An Instagram Easter

This year, Easter week was busy and bustling with excitement as we anticipated a visit from my mother. She arrived on Good Friday shortly after my husband and I had arrived home from work. Mom had yet to meet my niece Lily, and we haven't seen her since October due to my Grandfather's falls.
Once we knew she was in the car Friday morning making the trip to NJ from NC, we were thrilled! We feared that any last minute issues with my Pop's would have her change her mind and stay home. I also knew that she was dying to meet Lily for the first time, so we arranged to have my brother and his family over Friday night for dinner so she wouldn't have to wait more than an hour after she arrived.

Baby cuddles are the very best. Don't you agree? I didn't hog her all night although it was a tempting thought!

Lily Jacqueline ~ 2 weeks old!

Of course, I soaked up every second spent with the apple of my eye ~ Lily's big sister Vera. She is my very first niece and has an incredibly special place in my heart. There are no words to describe the love and adoration I have for my baby brother's girls...they truly hold my heart!

Nanny meets Lily for the very first time!

I love celebrating a holiday when my home is full of family members and this Easter was no exception. My best girl was so excited to see her basket even though she asked those pertinent holiday questions right after Christmas. She may no longer believe in the mythical holiday characters, but she was dying to get to that basket!

My other brother and soon ~ to ~ be sister in law came from New York to see Mama and spend Easter with us as well. I planned an early meal so they could be on the road at a decent hour to get back since they both had to work on Monday. I decided to do an Easter brunch for the first time ever, and I cannot imagine going back to cooking a traditional "dinner" type meal again. Brunch was so much better! Of course I still made a ham, but the other dishes were definitely the show stoppers!

my table

fresh flowers in beautiful spring colors

snap pea, cucumber and salmon salad from giada's new cookbook. doesn't my instagram look like a picture from a real cookbook? i love that app!

roasted pineapple slices with a "sweet rub"

spinach, pancetta and gruyere quiche

This morning is the first time I have sat down at my computer in exactly a week. Work is super busy and my days are sometimes super long. Trying to fit in time to run and prep my food has even been a struggle. No offense, but feeling good about my eating and exercise regimen takes precedence over blogging. I'm hoping this weekend I can spend some time catching up on all of your posts, cleaning my house and maybe even (finally) getting to thrift shop.
TGIF, now I'm off to get dressed and drive to New York for the day!


  1. Looks wonderful! What a special weekend. You're looking gorgeous too. Xx

  2. Lovely photos Eleanor! Delighted you had a fabulous Easter:)

  3. You're back! We missed you :) I totally understand though - blogging takes a back seat to life!

  4. Welcome back. I need to use my instagram more often, the food dishes look fantastic. Glad you had a great EAster.

  5. Great pictures of the fam and don't even get me started about the food!! Glad you had such a good time :)


  6. Easter brunch is the best! How great that your mom could drive up and be with the family.

  7. Your Easter brunch food looks gorgeous! I love the instagram photos...I keep trying to get my son to help me get an account so I can use the photos on my interest on his part...big surprise. The photo of you and the new baby is absolutely adorable!


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