Sunday, April 15, 2012

She's Got The Look

 Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday!
I'm sure that; as suggested by Pamela, my running and eating habits have certainly had something to do with my complexion. I did find it interesting though to hear your thoughts; because I actually started using some new beauty products!

A few weeks ago I decided that my make up was doing nothing for me. My skin looked dry and tired. I have been using Bare Minerals products consistently for many years. I am not a big beauty/skin care buff. I want my makeup to look light and fresh and feel the same way too. To be honest, I never wash my make up off before bed because when I do I sometimes break out. (Except after an evening run, then I shower!) I use inexpensive products that I buy in Target or the grocery store. In fact, while I was unemployed I started using Johnson's Baby Lotion on my face as a moisturizer because I love how it smells and it is so affordable. 

I do, however, swap products seasonally. I use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer in the summer because I love the glow it gives my skin and in the heat and humidity, the fewer products I pile on the better. I think her moisturizer is reasonably priced considering a tube lasts me a whole summer and well into the next.  Looking and feeling so dry and tired, I decided I would head to Sephora and pick up a lighter shade of it for now because the one I have at home is for my tan, glowing skin ~ not this pasty, white nonsense I am currently sporting. 

 I headed into the store one evening after work, feeling as dry and tired as I am sure I looked. I found the Laura Mercier moisturizer without a hitch and just as I grabbed the tube, I spotted this little Flawless Face kit. 

Complete with other products as well as my moisturizer, I decided it was a good value and worth trying out. As I stood there contemplating if there was anything else I needed, a sales associate asked me if I needed help. I explained why I was there and that I think I found what I was looking for when she asked me what moisturizer I had been using on my face. I laughed and told her about the Johnson's. She started shaking her head at me so I laughed and told her that "if it's good enough for a baby's bottom, then it should be fine for my face". Without a hint of rudeness she asked me if I was ready to see some "grown up" products that she thought would help me and I readily agreed. I mean, she knows what she's talking about, right?

She led me over to one of those illuminated mirrors that make your skin look decades older than it really is and exemplifies every single imperfection on your face. I shuddered when I glanced up at it. Sorry Bare Minerals, but boy did I look haggard! She came at me with a tiny jar and told me to look up at the ceiling while she started patting this amazing little cream all around my eyes. As she patted she explained it was a serum that could be worn over or under my makeup and would moisturize the tired, dry lines and reduce my puffy bags.

As I looked in that God~awful mirror to inspect her handiwork the heavens parted and the angels began to sing! My eyes looked ALIVE! They looked young and vibrant and felt light as air! I felt like one of those people who listens to a TV preacher and feels so amazed that they run off and join the cult. In other words, I decided I was drinking the Kool~Aid. I didn't even ask how much that little magical jar would be...I knew I had to have it.

She also showed me the moisturizer from the same brand and I applied some to the top of my hand. It smelled good and felt even better. I didn't even have to tell her I was buying it, the look on my face told her I was sold.

I'm not going to lie, these two magical potions were not cheap and I could supply a small nation with Johnson's for the same price I paid for these two. The sales associate told me that I should get a year out of the moisturizer because you need such a small amount and about 8 months out of the serum. If the way this product works doesn't sell you, then the cost per use could easily justify. 

So there you have it. 
I have nothing but accolades for the Mercier kit as well. It truly does create a flawless look and my skin remains dewey and fresh all day long. Don't believe me?

This was last night after running a couple of miles (with make up on, don't judge - you never know who you will run into!) after I collapsed on my deck while cooling down. Now I realize there was added "dewiness" from my sweaty self, but not too shabby under the circumstances, eh?

*In all fairness to Bare Minerals, I never realized that they sell a foundation primer that would probably have made my makeup look better
** I decided to write this post simply because of your comments. I was not compensated, or asked by Laura Mercier or Amore Pacific to discuss their products. However, if they want to send me more of these magical things because I love them so much I would never complain! ;)


  1. eleanor you have just blown my mind! you don't take your makeup off b/c if you do it causes breakouts! i have never heard that before and trust me, i've heard a lot of beauty secrets!

    i'm dying to try the new products you bought. i'm gonna stop by sephora this week! xo janet

  2. Lookin' good, lady! I love hearing what products others are using and beauty secrets that work. I am big on taking care of my skin! After having bad acne in my teens/20s, I became very militant about my skincare regimen. I have probably slept in my makeup MAYBE 3 times in my life! I'm hoping it pays off with some slow aging :)

    The products I could not live without are my Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation and Tarte tinted moisturizer. Right now I use Origins nighttime moisturizer and it works pretty well. Looking for a new facial cleanser because the brand I use is no longer carried at my local store.

  3. Wow, this is a great recommendation! Without a doubt you have beautiful skin for a start. I have the typical rubbishy kiwi skin, spent too many years in the sun. Never take my make-up off. I have been a long time searching to replace my pricey Clarins (and now Dior) but every time I try and much cheaper product i break out and its not as light and silky.

  4. I have recently discovered Rosehip Oil. OMG, it's truly a miracle treatment. It's inexpensive and it's the fountain of youth.

    I have sensitive, dry skin. I also suffer from roseacea. I always use simple products on my skin as that's all it will take. But four drops of rosehip oil on my skin day and night and it's completely different. I can't rave enough about it.

  5. So interesting that you felt tired of Bare Minerals...I too just decided to give it a break after using if for years. I think sometimes you just have to change up your skin routine. Your skin gets use to things and sometimes they no longer work. I'll have to check out the Laura Mercier.


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