Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Not To Wear

Measuring in at 5'1 (and a 1/2!) finding pants that fit me lengthwise is no easy feat. Most times I find a pant that I like I must have it hemmed. That brings on an inner struggle over whether or not the quality of the garment justifies the additional cost of alterations. If I was buying high end, designer items I would not hesitate to splash out on tailoring. At that rate, I assume I would also be buying items I planned on keeping in my wardrobe forever. In reality my closet is full of some better brands and well made items that I consider timeless, but also some lower end "fast fashion" too. When I was desiring a pair of printed slim ankle pants for summer I found a fab tan and white pair at New York & Company. For the ticket price it doesn't matter if I pull them out next spring or summer and say "never again" or "been there, done that". It's a wallet friendly chance to live in the moment.

For this spring/summer I have been on the lookout for affordable pants in vibrant hues to color block or pair with a classic white button up. I ended up finding some at New York & Company in a royal blue, a salmon pink, and that gorgeous green hue above. The only issue that had me hesitating was that these pants only come in "crop" length. Years ago I remember watching Clinton and Stacey tell a poor, disheveled soul that the crop pant was the most universally unflattering pant. No matter the body type, they said "NO!" to the crop pant. That split second of television watching has stuck in my head for years, scarring me and steering me far away from anything above the ankle and below the knee.

Yet I still tried on these colored crops. I was pleased to see that when standing, they hit just above my ankle. When paired with a heel, I didn't find them unflattering at all. In fact, in the above Instagrams, I wore a royal blue silk button up under that white linen blazer with those gorgeous green pants. I felt like it was a flattering look. Had I worn those pants without a heel, my legs would have been drastically "shortened" and frankly, I think they would have looked "stubby" and totally unflattering

Yesterday as I waited to be seated at a restaurant for lunch, I saw a mom walk by wearing a crop that hit her mid calf with backless sneakers. I don't mean to sound judgmental because I could care less about whether other people are "fashionable" but I could hear Clinton and Stacey's voices in my head saying how this length does nothing for anyone's shape and I couldn't help but turn it on myself wonder if my crop pants make me look like that too. Heel or not. 

So what do you think Ladies? Are crop pants a do, a don't, or a "if worn in the right context" sort of item?

jacket & pants: ny&co
heels: coach
earrings: express


  1. love them as long as they are the right length for you. some of the cropped pants are cut for taller people and hit at the wrong part of the leg,

    Tim Gunn also hates them but you know what if you dont want to wear shorts and it is hot they are the alternative

  2. I love your headshots!!! You have a such a gorgeous face.

    Anyway...I truly think if something makes you feel good, you look good. {which is obviously the opinion of a woman who has way more 'misses' than 'hits' when it comes to outfits!} haha

    I wear cropped pants and I like the way they look on a lot of women. I vote in favor of cropped pants

  3. I think there's a huge difference between cropped pants and capri pants. The latter hits more mid-calf and yes, it's hard for them to be flattering on most people (myself included. I bit on that trend hard in the 90s!) A cropped pant, however, if it hits at the ankle, can be incredibly chic as long as you also then pair it with the right accessories. Cropped pants with sneakers=no. Cropped pant with slim heels=definitely.

    And I have to agree with Anne...your headshots are just stunning!

  4. Eleanor! I'm loving these pictures you're posting. I don't know if it's the new job or your enjoyment with your new running routine, but you look glowing and just stunning!

    I agree with what's been said, pants that hit mid-calf don't do anyone any favors. But a pair of slim ankle/cigarette pants give a nod to the 50's and Audrey Hepburn. Personally, I think they work just as well with cute flats or a sassy heel. It's all about proportion.

    WNTW really ingrained that into mindset as well! See, you CAN learn something from TV ;-)

  5. firs things first... you're short? Why did I not know that? Awesome!
    and, when i saw the above instagram I was very jealous of your pants. I think you need to fake-wear this outfit again and take pictures because it sounds pretty awesome to me.

  6. i am short too(5f 2") and i wear cropped pants all the time,but they have to be skinny and i always wear a heel with it.i think it just depends on the style of pants and the shoe you are wearing.

  7. I think it can definitely be flattering on some people, but I'm short at 5', so I know it's harder to pull off.

  8. eleanor i look awful in cropped pants but i do love a cigarette cut in a pant. that's what we used to call them, cigarettes or capri's. anyway, i totally depends on height and width i think. and also, to each their own! your photos are just are quite beautiful!

  9. I love cropped pants in every context, I didn't realise they were tricky to wear???Love the Palms Springs by the pool with a hint of sophistication... and the colour is a winner

  10. I do love it when worn by Audry Hepburn.....I think tall and short can pull it off but you do need a slim leg.......yours are definately looking good!!

  11. Crop pants are a total "in the right context" piece. I'm pretty tall at 5' 8" but crops are a NO for me because I have kankles. I'm glad you pushed the issue - I'm a firm believer that there are no hard and fast fashion rules except that your clothes should FIT. They look great!


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