Saturday, June 9, 2012

Comfort Zone

Cooking grounds me.
Standing at the kitchen counter for hours on end chopping, dicing, seasoning and mixing provides a form of therapy no human contact could deliver.
Selecting gorgeous, fresh ingredients is one of my favorite past times.
Sharing the fruits of my labor with people who fill my life with joy and contentment provides an unequivocal satisfaction that nothing else on earth can rival.

While things have been quiet over here, I have been cooking.
Filling my stomach with goodness and my soul with joy.
Laughing, loving and most of all living.

What brings you comfort?


  1. I love doing prep work for a recipe - I agree with you, there's something wonderfully theraputic about chopping vegetables or stirring and watching a sauce come together.

  2. Cooking for sure. And I love shopping for the ingredients, too. It's very relaxing for me.

  3. Can I say eating? Then we'd be a match made in culinary heaven! x

  4. Hey lady. Hope you're doing well. Miss your posts.


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