Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Sunday At The Shore

It has been a long standing tradition in this family to go crabbing in the summers.
We go to a small waterfront park not even a 5 minutes drive from the house that sits on our town's namesake river.
This river feeds out into the Barnegat Bay and is full of fish and crab ~ a perfect place for us to set our rudimentary lines of chopped up fish on twine.

Once you can feel the crabs nibbling on the line, you pull the line up ever so gently.....

then gingerly lean over and scoop them up quickly into a net.
Once in the net, we check them for size and gender. Females and smaller crabs get thrown back in while big, fiesty males are definitely keepers.

It's a tradition my children love as much as we do.
Once the lines are all set, Charlie usually does a little fishing as well.

This past Sunday, we could barely get the lines set up, the crabs were biting like crazy!
Every time we checked a line, it had something on it ~ it was incredible!
Lots of little guys and a ton of females left us with only 6 keepers.

Since 6 crabs don't provide much meat (we use a dozen rule) we threw them back in and drove over to our local fish market where we picked up a pound of crabmeat and then came home and made these crabcakes.
Try them...you won't be disappointed!


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