Monday, August 6, 2012

A Summer Birthdays' Party

As our family grows larger and more spread out over the country, the harder it becomes to get everyone together for the occasions that are not considered "monumental".
Months ago, my clever sister in law suggested that we have a party to celebrate all the summer birthdays. Since 4 of the 5 grandchildren were born in the summer, the idea was genius.
Once it was decided that it would be held at my house, my mind was working overtime on the details. 

We entertain frequently and I always use one object or idea as my starting point. For this celebration it was these adorable invitations I found at Homegoods. The colors were perfect to bridge the age gap of 2-18 as well as being gender neutral.

At the top of my priority list was:
~ making the presentation awe inspiring for the little ones
~ ensuring each child had their own "cake" and candles to blow out
And did I mention without breaking the bank?

I love the look of "sweets" tables but those little confections add up quickly! Then what do you do with jars and jars full of brightly colored candy? I don't know anyone who can or wants to consume that much sugary stuff.
My goal was to achieve the same look for less money ~ a concept I think most of us embrace and appreciate.

Because I entertain often I have quite a collection amassed of "props". I selected 3 pretty milk glass cake cakestands I found at flea markets and a sweet, square white ceramic one. Homemade buttercream icing topped boxed cake mixes in Devil's Food and Vanilla. The cupcakes filled oversized holders I bought at the craft store. My sister in law spelled each child's name on cute picks to designate their own cupcake "cakes". Extras filled a cupcake stand decorated with pretty pinwheels. A glass pedestal filled with popcorn added some height and visual interest at an affordable price.

An ice cream cone holder with sugar cones held candy buttons that we rolled up inside while a plain glass cylinder made the perfect place for licorice strips.
Mini galvanized pails held colorful lollipops and a tall one held full size pinwheels I found for a dollar a piece.

There is nothing sweeter then serving lemonade in mason jars and I went on a serious hunt for paper straws in stripes and polka dots. I was about to throw the towel in when I found Shop Sweet Lulu's ~ an incredible online store of the most dreamy things. I couldn't help but purchase these daisy cut lids for the jars...they are perfect for small children.

While away at the beach I found an old fashioned Pin the Tail on the Donkey game at an old 5 and 10 store.

My almost~18~year old son was a great sport about the whole thing. He gets a kick out of his little cousins so he went along with it although he was probably mortified when we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him in exaggerated tones and silly voices as his mother hung on his shoulders.
I can't believe I am the parent of an adult.

Presents were unwrapped at the same time in a flurry of excitement and delighted screams. Wrapping paper was flying as they all ripped through their packages.

Some people may have even had licorice for dinner....but when it's your birthday, anything goes!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!
Happy 3rd Birthday Vera!
Happy 10th Birthday Ryan!
Happy 18th Birthday Liam...the years have flown by in an instant.
You may technically be a man, but you will always, always be my little boy.


  1. You are a fantastic hostess and party planner, Eleanor. The treats table looks full of surprises and cute ways of displaying items. I wish I had the patience and talent to do something like this!

  2. I'm so envious of your party planning talents. The kids are adorable too.

  3. Amazing!! I am going to hire you to fly out here and plan all of my parties. Everything looked perfect.

    And- an 18 year old!! Wow! I can't even imagine my little boys being adults. I am sure the time goes by so fast that you cannot even believe it. What a blessing!

    Great job!

  4. omGOD...that table of sweets is UNREAL...should be out of a magazine lady! Can you host something for ME??
    Miss catching up...hope all is well...3 more weeks and lil man will be is crazy!!!


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