Wednesday, August 8, 2012


my mother and father in laws log cabin

In less than a month we are traveling to see my mother and father in law in rural, northwest South Carolina.
My father in law built the log cabin (which is located on 9 acres on the side of a mountain) himself.
They live a simple life there; about an hour away from any hub of society.
Their days consist of gardening, hunting, pickling and preserving ~ they are even raising one head of cattle now too.
A far cry from the fast paced life they lived here in NJ.

I have always considered myself a "city" girl. 
To be honest, rural scares me a bit.
I'm much more comfortable in an urban environment than the backwoods of somewhere.
In fact, I often say that moving to NYC for retirement would be an ideal form of assisted living...everything is right there at your fingertips and with a doorman to boot!

Then about a year ago, I saw the movie Funny Farm for the first time and fell in love.
In love with the concept of two city slickers throwing away their hectic lives for one of simplicity and quiet.
But most of all...I fell in love with that house.

I know I am partial to Cape Cod styles (I own one!), but the idyllic setting and it's beauty make me think that city life might not be for me.
On days that I sit in traffic to and from work I often dream of a different life altogether.
Selling our suburban home and moving somewhere off the beaten path, somewhere small and quaint.
The kind of  home that we could pay cash for and eliminate the overhead that bogs most of us down.
Living a lifestyle where I only need one car to use when necessary, not daily.
Spending my days homekeeping for survival...and enjoying it.
There are days that I think nothing could be better than waking up to views like this:

Or cooking in a rustic kitchen like this...

Living with the doors ajar and my heart wide open.

What dreams do you dream?


  1. That cabin in t first pic looks just like the one we rented when we stayed in t'd mountains in TN. My dream is to have a small rustic/modern cabin that we can escape to but thats still close enough to a bustling city. I'd also love to have a vintage car like the one you posted, too!

    I love quiet living but being raised in Chicago and now living in Milwaukee, I dont think I coud ever give up conveniences and access to so much 100% completely.

  2. I'm a city girl at heart too although there are times when I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. I can now appreciate these quite moments when before I couldn't.

  3. I'm an urban girl, a city girl. Have always lived 3 miles from downtown Sydney. But I spent 12 months travelling in the outback living in a 2-man tent so can easily rough it.

    My dream is to live in a small village called Berry. Close to pristine beaches and gorgeous green hills. Yet just 2 hours to Sydney. Google it! One day.... After the desert craziness of the middle east of course. Xx

  4. I do feel very very free by the water and I love my parent's place on the beach. But I confess I love too being able to walk down to the shops and potter around there. I came from a very rural place and love it, but now I get more energy from the urban

  5. JEEZ I haven't commented in ages! (its not that i don't love u anymore, i swear!)
    I grew up on a farm so my ideal place to settle down would be on 300 acres of land without a neighbour in sight. Funny that id want to go full circle since the things i dream about doing are what my parents used to do. huge garden, making preserves, pickles, sauces... everything from the garden. even maple syrup from the maple trees on the yard.
    ah the stuff you take for granted when you are a kid.
    my dream includes NO television though. and no internet would be nice but unrealistic ;)

    But i still enjoy living in downtown montreal for the time being!


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