Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Animals in the Woods


Kit Kat


These 3 are my mother and father in laws pets.
Chipper was being sold at the local flea market, Kit Kat was no longer wanted in the home she had,and Drifter showed up at the cabin one day covered in ticks and emaciated.
They are all completely loved and adored now which is not hard to imagine since they are all so cute!

 Baby Cow

Mama Cow

Baby belongs to my in laws while Mama belongs to their neighbor.
Mama headbutts Baby in the morning and eats all her food.
Apparently this is what cows do, but I find it heartbreaking.
Soon Baby will be weened away from her Mama and all her food will be her own.

Mr. Black Widow

 Mrs. Black Widow

Or vice versa.
I didn't get close enough to know for sure.
These two were found residing by the feed barn.
By the end of the week Mr. Black Widow was already MIA.
I suppose the name is appropriate after all....

 The gaggle of ducks at the pond

 Old Suzy

Suzy lives in a house on the pond.
She is sweet and stoic and brave enough to go tearing through the woods by herself.
The ducks live in the pond.
They make a ton of noise and don't go anywhere without each other.
Suzy's family feeds them every day but they are always looking for another meal.

The chickens at the Berry Farm

More chickens at the Berry Farm

We went grape picking one afternoon and these beauties were running all over the place and roosting under the porch of the cabin on the Berry farm.
They were cordial enough to let us pet them, but felt more at home running about.
In fact, I came home wanting to raise chickens of my own while my husband wanted to smuggle Drifter home in the car, my son wanted Chipper for himself and my daughter begged to bring Kit Kat into our family.

There is something magical in seeing animals able to be free and enjoy their environment.
But don't be fooled...the woods are a dangerous place for these animals too.
The woods are filled with bears, bobcats, coyotes, and poisonous snakes.
We opted to leave our two suburban dogs here at home for fear they could be harmed in such a wild place.
To think that Drifter wandered those woods broken down and alone makes me want to cry.
We left him behind in his comfy home where he is cared for and loved.

When we picked our own two pups up at the kennel Sunday morning, they were spoiled to death with love and affection.
No one mentioned to them that they had been pleading to bring home some new pets to love...and that was probably for the best.

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  1. Seems so peaceful. I'm glad you're enjoying your time out there.


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