Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back To School

In the very early hours of this morning I filled out a mock High School Diploma for my son to turn in on the first day of senior year.
A few hours after he left on the bus for his last first day of school, I walked my excited 4th grader to her school.
She was decked out in her "favorite" new outfit ~ a plaid button up with a tank underneath, skinny jeans and these fabulous glittery combat boots that

Her outfit was not unlike something I wore to a White Zombie concert at the old Limelight in NYC in the early 90's.
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and "What goes around comes around" ~ these cliches all apply to Miss "I'm Not A Girly Girl".

But it was also a melancholy morning for a lot of reasons.
My boy will officially be a man this Saturday as we celebrate his 18th birthday. It was tough to know that this was the last time I'll stand at the door discreetly watching to make sure he gets on the bus safely.
My daughter chatted with me and held my hand as we walked to her school. But then she would only let me walk her to the crossing guard. She didn't want me to cross the street with her and walk her to the front of the school.
I stood there on the corner and watched her confidently walk away and I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't break a little when she didn't turn her head to look back at me and smile and wave.
Like she used to.

The kids don't need me as much anymore and it makes me sad.
As I walked back home alone I thought about how nice it was to walk those sidewalks with her every day.
I reflected on how much I loved taking that sabbatical from working this time last year and what an awesome housewife I make.

Tomorrow I am off to NYC for Fashion's Night Out to help support an event the company I work for is running; complete with celebrity guest.
I'll be tearing through my closet in a few minutes searching for the perfect outfit, accessories and shoes to wear.
There will be a DJ, catered food, cameras flashing all stomach will be fluttering all day in anticipation.

While that girl in me who loves the rush and excitement of bright city lights, events and excitement is getting her fill of the fabulous life she knows she was made for tomorrow night, the other girl in me who loves to just be a mom will sorely miss walking down those sidewalks.


  1. Have a blast a FNO! I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. This is so beautifully written, El. Those memories will be with your kids forever too. xx

  3. They grow up so quick ! My youngest daughter is walking to school with friends this year, so no school run for me. I actually miss the chats we used to have along the way:(

  4. Aww, sad! Time just moves way too fast. Enjoy every single minute.

  5. You've touched me with this... have tears in my eyes... I too work long hours at a busy job with "exciting" events. But I also love and long to be 'just a mom' too.

  6. awwww. :( you're making me sad! this will be me in a number of years...sigh. they may not need you as much, but they love you and i'm sure it's super comforting for them to know that you're a rad mom and you'll always be there for them. xo

  7. Hi Eleanor,

    Kids grow up fast! I hope your son will have a happy birthday this weekend. Have fun today at the Fashion Night Out!

    Madelief x

  8. Oh how I know exactly what you mean.... Sad in some ways that our children don't need us in the ways they used to but they always want you to be 'there' for them. I am so enjoying the start of my 'sabbatical' back in England to be closer to my daughter who, although is going to be 22 in a few months time will be starting her last year at University and I expect (hope!) will be leaning on me during this stressful year.
    Hope you enjoyed the Fashion Night Out and happy birthday to your son. x

  9. I live vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing. BTW, I was up in NYC on Thursday for Fashion Night Out and it was a zoo down in SoHo. I could stand it for so long and then left for the evening. Hope you had a fabulous time.

  10. It's a new chapter. Enjoy the young man and young lady you have created and realize that they will always need you (even if they don't say it) and you will always be their mom. It always changes but it never changes.

  11. Worried about you with Sandy - please let us know you are ok.

    - Tessa


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