Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving ~ The Decor

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.
This is probably because one of my favorite past times is creating amazing meals to share with great people.
And that's what Thanksgiving is all about, right?

The fall season is also my favorite time to get swept up in the spirit and to decorate.
As the autumnal colors begin to make their appearance, my home takes on a cozier, homey feel.
Year after year I use the same elements to decorate, occasionally adding a new item or two to my repetoire.
I truly believe that when we buy what we love we "curate" our own collections filled with beautiful things we will cherish forever.
My ceramic turkeys are both found and gifted, and I began collecting them in the mid 1990's. This year I placed them on cloche pedestals in my wrought iron conservatory.
The wheat sheaths have held up for the better part of a decade since I pack them up with a lot of TLC, and the gorgeous Wedgewood tureen was once a gift from a very dear friend. I popped them in an old wooden tray to add some visual interest to the top of my buffet.

This year I discovered the gilded pheasants on an evening excursion, passed them up, them ran back to the store that same night in my sweats because I couldn't imagine letting them slip away.
I couldn't dream of letting the two engravings I found at a little, local antique store slip from my grasp either. I have been looking for years for engravings such as these and struggle to find ones that are "just right". The frames on this pair were perfect for my dining room and the sweet woman even gave me 20% off the ticket price!
Of course they are not just for the fall season, they will hang there in their glory all year through.

I take great pride in setting my table and these turkey dishes have been in my buffet for a very long time.
In fact, there is nothing fancy about all of the tableware I used ~ it is used time and time again, for casual dining or for the times we "step it up" a little. I constantly mix and match and use them all. 
The simple addition of fresh flowers and a new tablecloth were enough to make my old wares sparkle for this; most cherished of all, holiday.

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving?


  1. Your Thanksgiving table was gorgeous - that totally makes me want to say "tablescape" like Sandra Lee does because you've put together one gorgeous theme!

  2. Lovely table decor... hope you had a good Thanksgiving:)

  3. Hello there. Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I hope you get to post more often although I'm sure you are very busy these days.

  4. I wish I had the patience and love for decorating for the holidays like you. Everything looks so gorgeous!

  5. absolutley beautiful. i love the pheasants! the whole room is amazing!


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