Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decking My Halls ~ The Dining Room

When my sister in law and nieces presented me with this lovely little house cloche for my birthday back in November; they had no idea that they would inspire my holiday dining room decor.
We do not normally exchange birthday gifts amongst the adults in our family, but they were living with us in the wake of Sandy when they gave me this thoughtful little token.

I had admired the little house everytime we went to Target but passed it up again and again because it was not a necessity and I certainly have no shortage of decorative items!

It inspired me to gather all my beloved cloches and steal a few bottle brush trees from our Christmas village.
I bought 2 unfinished pedestals at my local craft store that uncannily fit a matching pair of cloches precisely. I spray painted them antique gold to compliment my pheasants.

I am a fan of symmetry and balance but like things grouped in odd numbers. I anchored the center of the display with a huge cloche over a square white cake stand that holds a mini forest of trees.

The faux snow was also "borrowed" from the village.

To create balance with the little house I used a small cloche atop a cream white tea cup saucer. Inside I placed 2 random white bottle brush trees I found packed in the box of village decor.

Nothing pleases me more than using all purpose decorative items to create new holiday displays. It's a great way to change the look around the house each year without investing in pricey holiday items.
It just takes that sweet little bit of inspiration ~ and maybe a sweet sister in law too.

Do you change your holiday decor around each year?


  1. I love your decor! The cloches lok fab. I am changing my colours around this year:)

  2. Beautiful, I love seeing what we're all doing for Christmas.

  3. Oh , I just love it!!! I need to do the same with my cloches now..:)

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