Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That House That You Love

Do you ever pass by a home that leaves you swooning out of your car window?
Or praying for stop signs or red lights so you get a minute to ogle at it?
I shared with you all in the past how my home was the house my mother used to stare longingly at when we were children. And for the past few years I have had my own piece of eye candy.

This blue farmhouse sits on a corner on the ride I take out to my office. It inspired my front step redo back in 2010. Every season and holiday it is so impecably appointed that I long to knock on the front door, express my admiration and solicit the owner for best friendship.
At night when I am driving home, I slow down and hope for a peek inside those windows at the life being lived inside.
It may sound "stalkerish" to some, but for those of you that have that special house you love to pass ~ you know exactly what I mean.


  1. Hi Eleanor,

    I know exactly what you mean...I have one,too! Glad you stopped by FK for it led me here to your wonderful blog. I just read your Sandy post and my heart goes out to all of your neighbors and family who still may be struggling. Hoping your town and state gets back to some semblance of normal soon and that this holiday season sees an out pouring of help and gives you all renewed hope and resolve to pull together to restore and rebuild.



  2. I have one also and love to look at it at Christmas as it looks stunning as it is an old house.

  3. That's lovely, it has that real Americana look that I just love.


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