Monday, December 3, 2012

The Tree Farm

The very first Christmas I was dating my husband he was appalled that I had an artificial Christmas tree.
In fact he announced that that Christmas would be the very last one the artificial tree was used.
Indeed it was.

For the past 12 years we have bought a fresh cut tree. For the past 8 of them, we have cut them down ourselves at a small tree farm in New Egypt, NJ.
Lone Silo Farm is small and understated. It lacks the giant wooden roadside Santa cutouts and garishly decorated entrances of many of the other tree farms we pass on the way. Each year the same friendly young guys ride around on ATV's at the ready to give you a hand transporting your tree back to the car. Every year the unassuming owner greets you with a smile as he stands next to a knock down table with a giant thermos of hot cider. Those steaming styrofoam cups of cider might even be our favorite part of the whole experience.
Cutting down our tree at Lone Silo is now a tradition in our family and one part of Christmas that we all look forward to.

This year we found "the one" in record time. One of those friendly guys was at the ready and toted our find back for us. Of course the Little Miss opted for a ride back too! They loaded the tree on the top of the car, we sipped our delicious hot cider, and we were off - heading home to decorate it in all it's holiday finery.

Another year, another memory made.

What kind of tree do you have?
And, if it's real, do you cut it down yourself?


  1. We have a fake tree and I hate it. We had to get a fake tree because we have 3 little cats who loved to get into the real

    6 years later and I am just sad every Christmas. It does not smell good in my house like it does when you have a real tree.


  2. We used to get up on a weekend and head out to rural VA to get our Xmas tree but with dh's erratic schedule we will have to get one from Home Depot. AT least it's a real tree, right? Love you posts.

  3. We have no tree :) But when we visit the family there is always a real tree. These photos are gorgeous. I really want to live on a farm one day...

  4. your photographs are too good.......JUST AWESOME


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