Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weeknight Chef ~ Stuffed Peppers

Life is a little crazy around here sometimes and I'm sure it is in your household too.
Two working parents, two kids in school, and two's alot to manage sometimes. In spite of the chaos on the weekdays one thing we always make time for is dinner together.
Many nights this means we are not sitting down to eat until 8pm or so, but dining as a family is a non negotiable in our home.

I do our grocery shopping on the weekends and then plan our meals according to where I am traveling for work each day. 3 hours of commuting always equals something simple with virtually no prep or lengthy cook time. One of my new "go to" meals for days like this is Stuffed Peppers.
Besides the ease of preparation and cooking, I like the fact that it provides fresh vegetables and portion control. You can only eat what fits into one pepper! My only challenge is filling them with contents that will leave my husband and 18 year old son feeling full.

The fun part is that it affords me the chance to be creative with each version I make. I've made them stuffed with ground sausage and pasta, I've made them with just meat and cheese.
Last night's version was with taco meat, rice, beans and a variety of cheeses.
The only trick is to cooking the peppers for a little while in a 350 degree oven to soften them up a bit before you fill them. Sometimes I even prep the peppers in the morning before leaving, then have my son pop them on a baking sheet and into the oven while I am driving home. This saves even more time and gets dinner on the table even faster once I have arrived.
Let your imagination run wild and I'm sure it will become one of your favorites too!

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  1. What a great meal idea, I might implement this into our weekly meals. Not because I'm busy commuting or with children...because I'm just lazy when it comes to cooking :)


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