Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Fairytale of Sorts...

Once upon a time, a little doll house curio cabinet presided on a wall in the nursery of a sweet baby girl.
For the past few years, it has been living in the corner of a cold, dark garage unused and unloved.
One December day, that sweet baby girl (who is now 10) made a little family from plain wooden spools.
She lovingly crafted them clothing from fabric scraps, hair from yarn and then christened each with a beautiful name.
The little girl's mother, who can sometimes be incredibly wise and thrifty, remembered the neglected curio and thought it would provide a fabulous home for the Spools. So she suggested they spend a weekend refinishing it for the family.

They started working on it on a Friday night, even convincing Daddy that he should help them!
The little girl insisted that the house should look like their house: red with white trim and a black front door.
So that is just how they did it.

By Sunday night the paint was dry.
The mother fashioned some wreaths from pipe cleaners to welcome the Spool Family to their newly remodeled home.
They were truly home for the holidays.

The End.


  1. I like that it's a mini version of your home. Very cute.

    Happy New Year, Eleanor. Hope you're well. It sure looks like it from all of your beautiful photos :)

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