Thursday, January 10, 2013

Everyday Pieces

If you've been coming around here for any length of time, then it's no secret that I love me some arm candy.
If your newer to my humble blog, then you will soon discover that I love me some arm candy.
It's true.

I stack bracelet after bracelet on top of each other ~ mixing metals, mixing colors...anything goes really.
Nary a day goes by without my men's Citizen watch and my Tiffany charm bracelet clinging to my wrist.
They are the old standbys.

Over the past few months I have received a few really special pieces that have now become my daily de rigueur.
I spotted the two~tone Yurmanesque rope bracelet at a designer consignment shop just outside NYC.
It was love at first sight.
For my birthday in November, my boss gave me a beautiful Michael Kors bangle (not pictured~I wore the lucite one instead this day) and my other boss gave me the Alix and Ani Hope bracelet because of my work this year for St. Jude Hospital.
At Christmas, I was taken by surprise when a very kindred spirit presented me with the Tiffany hook bracelet. It is so elegantly simple ~ I adore it!
Not to be outdone, my husband had the diamond link bracelet under the tree for me.
It's a stunner!

Now I have 6 pieces I cannot possibly leave the house not wearing.
All my novelty bangles are already collecting dust because these beauties go with everything.
I see no hope on the horizon for them all either.

What are your daily accoutrements?
Do you like to switch things up or stay with the same few pieces?


  1. Gorgeous!! Love.

    I like to switch things up, by my diamond studs (given to me at Chrissy) are my new everyday faithfuls. x

  2. I am hopelessly terrible at accessorizing. I know it is partly because I have had babies on me for the past 4 years- and they grab at everything- as you know...

    Really, I just have a few basic things. I pretty much always wear stud earrings of some sort (and even then, my little ones are hell bent on trying to rip them out of my ears). I have crazy small wrists, so I can never wear bracelets without having them resized.

    Someday, once my kids are bigger, I am going to need some lessons in accessorizing.

  3. I can do the arm party when I am going out/dressing up but for everyday..having the baby on my arm and tons of jewelry doesn't seem to work..
    I cannot leave home without my wedding rings, diamond studs and rolex...that is the jewelry uniform.

    How are you mama? Busy with work/life I am sure. It would still be great to get together...Preston turned 4 months last week so things are a little easier and I am getting some sleep. Let me know when you are free!!!

  4. I love arm candy myself. I particularly love the diamond bracelet. Thank you for your kind comments and dropping in to my blog. Have a lovely fun filled weekend


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