Saturday, January 5, 2013

Over The Weekend

It was really tough trying to get back into the swing of things at work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after such a lovely time off.
My weekend exists of only today because I have a 6 day work week ahead of me that starts tomorrow.
Who said January was a quiet month?

Today we need to dismantle our holiday decor, do laundry, change sheets on all the beds, meal plan and make sure the pantry is stocked for a busy week.
After all that, I'm looking forward to curling up under a warm blanket and digging in to some of my new books.
I've mentioned before about my enormous cookbook collection (I think it exceeds 300 titles now!) and over the holidays I was gifted a few new titles to add to my vast amount of tomes.

I will always be a book lover ~ you can keep your Nooks and Kindles and machines and give me the scent of fresh pages and the feel of a sturdy hardcover.

Do you still love books or do you prefer electronics?

Happy Weekending!



  1. Hi Eleanor,

    Nice to know about your cookbook! Actually The weekend is always passing and I always end up playing video games or watching TV. I never really do anything productive or fun. I need something that is either productive, fun, or just interesting. Have u any idea?

  2. Hi Eleanor,

    Your cookbook looks promising. I thought I had a lot of coobooks, but you beat me!! What an enormous collection you have. Is the cookbook by Le Tartine Gourmande worthwhile?

    Happy Sunday!

    madelief x

  3. Lucky for me I have access to the Library of Congress book, I mean real live books. My Nook is sitting pretty on my table collecting dust.

  4. I am not a huge reader at the moment...but the idea of an e-reader completely turns me off.

    I LOVE the smell of books, the way they feel, the way you fold over the corners to mark your spot...I will always read real live books over an electronic version!

    Hope you enjoyed your day off- sorry it was not longer!


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