Monday, January 7, 2013

Scenes From the Weekend

Just as planned, we spent Saturday dismantling Christmas.
It was sad to see such our beautiful tree so naked and bare.

As I was leaving work on Friday just outside NYC, I stopped at this cupcake shop and picked up some treats for the family.
We indulged on Saturday.
It got a little ridiculous around here.
As in, ridiculously good.

I reorganized our bar.
Then contemplated never leaving the house again.

Got some sweet hugs in between puttering about the house....

...and spent a few quiet moments basking in the pretty afternoon sun.

Saturday night we headed to our favorite dive for dinner and drinks with our favorite family of four.

We ate too much, warmed ourselves with conversation and drink and realized that Santa prefers Bud.
Who knew?

What were the scenes from your weekend filled with?


  1. Hey lady. Quiet weekend here for me. Have the next 4 days off and will begin new job next week. Pretty excited about it. Your little family rocks. Love your posts of your daily life. As always, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! Love it!

    Our weekend involved a night in a hotel with hubs, horse races and a fabulous Lebanese lunch with our mums. Not bad at all. Xx


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