Monday, January 14, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

My sweet baby girl had a tough time last week while I eased my commute and spent the night in New York.
I haven't been away since early October and I was surprised to see the effect it had on her.
From her melancholy mood to the 11pm text messages she was sending me with teary faced emoji' was heartbreaking.
I told Charlie to head off to work early Friday so I could take her to school hoping that it would help her feel better.
Later that morning while I was chatting with my boss, I mentioned my little Miss Melancholy and she immediately instructed me to wrap up what needed to be done and be out of my office in enough time to surprise Ryan at school.
I literally made it in the nick of time and the look on her face when she saw me standing on the sidewalk in the rain was priceless.
We made a little video in the car of her thanking my boss to send and show our appreciation.
Later that evening, we watched Frankenweenie, cried our eyes out together and shared ice cream.

We slept in on Saturday then started our day with strawberry banana smoothies.

I spent the early afternoon baking a new cookie I discovered.
(Recipe on the blog tomorrow!)

Then made fried egg blt's with baby spinach for lunch.

We took the dogs for their usual walk and I noticed a secret pathway I have never seen before.
Don't you just love little wooded hideaways?
I sure do....

Saturday night we headed to dinner at a friend's house.
The husband and I worked together for quite some time many, many years ago and were the greatest of friends.
We reconnected a year or so ago via social media and at Halloween time we got to meet his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.
His wife looks like Kate Winslet and is so cool it hurts.
I think I have a girl crush.....
After hours spent drinking and eating the amazing meal she prepared we were sad to say goodbye.
The only upside was knowing we would all get together again VERY soon....

 Sunday morning I picked up Liam at his dad's house then made a bagel run.
Our bagel shop pumps their water in from New York.
NJ bagels are good enough, but if you've ever had a NY bagel then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about....

I broke all my own "lady rules" on Sunday by doing a grocery run sans makeup and in workout wear.
Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

I stopped at the liquor store after my grocery run and picked up a scratch off for each of us.
My little "gamblers-in-training" loved every second of the mania that ensued.
We live about 45 minutes from Atlantic City that's not too dangerous is it????

I hope your weekend was filled with love and laughter too....



  1. That looks like weekend perfection to me! love it. xx

  2. What a perfect life you lead. Love your weekend. Good news: new job starts tomorrow. Bad news: I've been summoned to grand jury duty on March 6 for 25 consecutive business days. I get one deferral. Ugh! Now how to tell the new job?


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