Friday, January 11, 2013


I don't know about you, but I am sure glad it's Friday!
This has been a busy week of non stop running and I'm looking forward to relaxing and unwinding with my family.
On Monday I headed into Manhattan where I got to play "stylist for a day" helping to put together mannequin looks and merchandising spring product that rolled to select stores around the country this week.

I got back in the groove making smoothies for breakfast.
Strawberry banana is my all time favorite.....

I wore some different bracelets finally.

My daughter and husband made some cute stuff with model magic that I put on the desk in our home office because it makes me smile.

Found this sweet note sitting on a shelf in my son's room.

Stayed in New York on Wednesday night for work commitments.
Why do I always choose hotels that resemble The Shining?

Perhaps because I always pick hotels that are Shining~esque, I find it hard to sleep in one.
I got to my room around midnight, fell asleep around 1 and was up again at 3:50.
Then had to spend the morning with the CEO and other Execs.

See why I'm so glad it's Friday???

Happy Weekending Everyone!


  1. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend:)

  2. Glad it is Friday so you can relax with your family. You work so hard every week! I cannot lie- I am a bit jealous that you get to stay in NYC for work! I am sure you would have preferred to be home, but coming from me, who is currently never alone without her little kiddos, a night away seems like Heaven.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sounds like you've been working really hard, Eleanor - hope you get some rest and relaxation this weekend!

  4. Nice it's friday in order to loosen up with your family. An individual operate and so tricky weekly! We can not lie- I will be a tad green with envy that you will get in which to stay NY pertaining to operate! I know you'll have chosen to be home, yet via us, that is presently by no means alone devoid of the girl little kiddos, the night away seems like Nirvana.


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